June 13 -14, 2024
University of Washington School of Law
Seattle, WA
Virtual ($95.00)
In-Person ($149.00 - $249.00)
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Speakers from the Community

All of our speakers are volunteers working in the legal education community. They’ll be here to discuss a wide range of topics, share their experiences, and provide insight into things that work (or don’t) in legal education and technology.

About CALIcon24

For 34 years, The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) has hosted its legal education conference called “CALIcon.” The CALIcon conference is a two-day event at newly renovated or built law schools. It draws an estimated 300 attendees: law faculty, law librarians, IT professionals, distance learning staff, and law school administrators. The conference aims to provide a unique environment for everyone to share ideas, innovations, experiences, and best practices for application in law school classrooms to engage law students with tech. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


Why Attend?


The sessions range from beginners to advanced and cover a wide range of topics, from AI in the classroom to Video Technology and many topics in between. The sessions are conducted by real people sharing real experience creating, using, designing and implementing technology in support and practice of legal education.


We make it easier than ever to bump elbows with industry trailblazers, learn tricks of the trade from others, and build long-lasting relationships.


See the latest innovations from our sponsors that are at the forefront of the legal education/technology industry.


Conference Hotel

Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, University Inn is known for its groovy-style décor; it’s where the cool kids stay. At this award-winning hotel, you’re just four blocks from the University of Washington campus and the UW Medical Center, with easy access to the best of Seattle: the Pike Place Market, Space Needle, Seattle Waterfront, and much more.

University of Washington School of Law

As one of the nation’s oldest and leading public law schools, University of Washington School of Law melds a traditional focus on the rule of law with a modern approach to solving problems and advancing social justice. Our location in Seattle—a vibrant hotbed of technology, innovation, progressive policymaking, philanthropy and more—enriches the learning environment and enables programs and partnerships in support of future lawyers and professionals. 2024 marks the 125-year celebration of the school’s founding.